To our customers’ common questions.

The short answer is our commitment to providing you with the best off-road adventure in central Colorado. We have unparalleled dedication to your safety and enjoyment. When you call, we talk to you and answer all of your questions. Making sure your OHV adventure is an awesome experience is as important to us as it is to you!

Great Outdoors Adventures is located in Woodland Park, Colorado. We're located just 30 minutes west of Colorado Springs with great views to Pikes Peak - America's Mountain. Your booking reservation email will include the address of your rental location. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your rental time.

Great Outdoors Adventures’ Slingshot and Jeep rides begin at our store in Woodland Park. Check out our recommended routes for the Slingshot and Jeep tours. Slingshots are available in the summer and Jeeps year-round!

The Westcreek private UTV trailhead is located on a beautiful ranch just 30 minutes north of Woodland Park. Trail rides are on over 150 miles of scenic Pike National Forest & Teller County rustic roads/trails. The Westcreek location has fun water crossing and stunning views of Pikes Peak. 

SUMMER ONLY: The M Lazy C UTV trailhead is in Lake George, CO at a must see historic ranch. It is located 37 minutes away from the Great Outdoors Adventures’ store. The M Lazy C Ranch destination has beautiful views and is more heavily forested. Enjoy an authentic western experience by booking your UTV adventure here. 

Our insurance does not allow our customers to trailer our side-by-sides to other locations. We do offer side-by-side deliveries to private properties within 1 hour of our store in Woodland Park, depending on how and where the vehicle is intended to be used. There is a delivery charge based on the distance from our store. Slingshots and Jeeps are only rented from our store in Woodland Park.

Off-road driving on any type of OHV is an outdoor adventure sport with an element of inherent risk and it is possible to be injured. Is it dangerous? No, but no reputable outfitter should tell you that it’s absolutely safe. The uncontrolled and sometimes unpredictable elements of the back-country are part of the thrill. Safety is primarily related to how people operate the vehicles. Speed limit on the National Forest is 20 miles per hour. Our vehicles, helmets, and eye protection make your adventure safer. Safety is priority one!

We have partnered with Polaris to provide the safest vehicles on the market. They are relatively easy to operate and we're more than happy to provide some introductory instruction as part of your rental or more in-depth instruction during one of our tours. Side-by-sides are very similar to operating passenger vehicles with steering wheels, seat belts, gas and brake pedals. Slingshots come in automatic and stick shift manual transmission. They drive very similar to a small convertible vehicle.

Polaris Off Road Vehicle (ORV)

  • Driver must have a valid Driver's License
  • Generals & RZR (2 & 4 Seat): 21+ to Rent & 18+ to Drive 
    • If the driver is 18-20 must be accompanied by a 21+. 
  • Ranger (6 seat): 25+ to Rent & Drive
  • All Passengers must be 4+ years of age

Polaris Slingshot

  • Driver of Slingshot must be 25 years of age and possess a valid driver's license
  • Passengers must be a minimum of 7 years of age, subject to GOA staff

We refuse service to anyone under the influence of Drugs/Alcohol prior to or during any activity with Great Outdoors Adventures and in turn you immediately forfeit payments. A healthy fitness level is recommended to participate safely.

You are not required to have a motorcycle license in the state of Colorado to drive a Slingshot.

After a comprehensive vehicle orientation, we will familiarize you with the Pike National Forest and the endless possibilities awaiting you and your family. Whether you want to explore historic mines, experience breathtaking views, or challenge your off-road driving skills, we will help you plan your journey. You will then be provided with:

  Generals and RZRs UTVs have on-board GPS (Polaris Ride Command)

  The Ranger UTVs have a tablet navigation mapping system that clearly shows trails, highways, landmarks, and recreation sites.

• A detailed paper map will also be provided

• There is an emergency communication device in all Polaris UTV machines

• Visit the Slingshot Routes page to see our tour suggestions. The Slingshots also come equipped with Polaris Ride Command.

• Visit the Jeep Routes page to see our tour suggestions

To get the most enjoyment out of your ride, we recommend you wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, and a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt. Having layers of clothing is the safest way to go in Colorado given the sudden weather changes.

  • During Slingshot and UTV tours you're exposed to the elements. The Jeeps can be fully enclosed and offer more protection. Please dress for a comfortable adventure. 
  • UTVs & Slingshot: Every person is required to wear a helmet. Helmets & goggles are included in your rental. Feel free to bring your own DOT approved helmets.
  • A valid driver license is required for all drivers, no exceptions!
  • Jeeps: Bring proof of personal auto insurance with you
  • Bring your credit or debit card in case any additional purchases are desired or for the security deposit if needed. Please bring cash to tip our excellent staff when they go above and beyond for you. 
  • Keep hydrated with your water bottle or buy one at the store or UTV trailheads.
  • Bring your phones and cameras fully loaded to capture precious memories from your adventure!

Great Outdoors Adventures runs its trips rain or shine however we will determine the safety of all tours and reserve the right to alter tours based on weather and terrain conditions.

Cash, Credit or Debit Card can be used for service payments.

Credit or debit card required for security deposits.

Personal checks not accepted.

72 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you book over the phone and cancel 72 hours before your scheduled booking we will issue a full refund. Online bookings receive a refund for the booking but not the online booking fee. 

Non-refundable TripSafe Cancellation Protection

With TripSafe Cancellation Protection, you can cancel your booking FOR ANY REASON without the required 72-hour notice. Cancellations still must be communicated 24 hours or more from your scheduled start time. Otherwise, there are no refunds. Cancel up to 24 hours from the time of your booking and
receive credit, refund, or reschedule your trip. 
This policy does not apply to bookings made less than 24 hours in advance. This fee costs 10% of the booking. 

Please arrive 30 minutes early for your UTV, Slingshot, or Jeep adventure. Find the address in your confirmation booking or message/call GOA to confirm if there is any confusion. When you arrive early we brief you on safety regulations, GPS, and answer any questions you have. Our goal is to send you on a safe and fun adventure. If you are running late, please give us a call.

You certainly may!

You will need a tag for Game Management Unit 511 to hunt in the area where our recommended trails are now. FYI, we offer an automatic discount for rentals that are over three days long!

For those interested in a week long or longer rental period we could help you trailer the side by sides to another location!

Keep in mind we offer a complimentary smart tablet navigation for the North Divide and South Rampart Range and for the Rampart Range.

Please call for more information. Drew is our hunting expert and will be happy to provide additional information for you.

Rentals are self-guided tours that begin with great instruction and maps. We'll provide you with the latest information on where to legally ride safely and have a blast. If you add a guide to your rental experience, they are experts at navigating the areas safely and will guide you to the best possible types of experiences. Our guides are experts in safe operations of off-road vehicles and are happy to teach you both technical riding and navigation skills during your tour. You can also "follow the leader" and let our guide do all the navigation for you! Our guides will also be right there to provide and support you during your epic ride!

With your safety in mind we reserve the right to alter trips upon our discretion due to weather or unpredictable events. In the event we change a trip due to weather the price of the trip remains the same if it is a comparable duration.

• Your total cost is required to reserve a rental or tour

• Customers will receive a full refund or credit within a 48 hour notice of cancellation before your reserved time

• We allow one rescheduling within 24 hour notice of your reservation

• Your credit card will be charged the full reservation amount in the event of late cancellation, late arrival or no-show. A one-time reservation change may be allowed within the same year based upon service availability and circumstance.

• In order to manage our schedule and serve other customers, we ask that you arrive on time (see the "when should I arrive" question).

• No-shows will be charged the full reservation price. Inability to pay security deposits (if required) is considered a no-show

Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.

• By making a reservation deposit to Great Outdoors Adventures, you understand, acknowledge and agree to our terms and policies.

Yes, there is a required accidental damage waiver (rental protection) for the Side by Sides and Slingshots along with a security deposit per vehicle. If paying the security deposit with a credit card this would be a credit hold and with a debit card this means you would not have the amount available during your rental period. In both instances, the security deposit is a hold not a withdrawal. Once the activity is successfully completed Great Outdoors Adventures will release the Security Deposit. It takes 24-48 business hours for the hold to no longer show. 

Off-Road: Any damage repair cost, or loss of rental revenue, to your rental vehicle in excess of your security deposit amount is covered by the damage waiver program. This includes flat tires. Security deposits are required for each vehicle driven by customers. Standard security deposit is $1,500 per off-road vehicle. Customers are responsible to return any additional equipment (tablet GPS computers, helmets, goggles, radios, coolers, rain tarps, etc.) provided by GOA in good condition. In the case of a disabled vehicle, GOA will do our best to assist you; however, it is your responsibility to safely return your vehicle to the GOA where it was checked-out to you. Our off-road vehicles are very reliable if operated safely.

  • Polaris Damage Waiver: Cost $35 per vehicle with a $1500 deductible (vehicle repairs)

Slingshot: Any damage repair cost, or loss of rental revenue, to your rental vehicle in excess of your security deposit amount is covered by the damage waiver program. Security deposits are required for each vehicle driven by customers. Standard security deposit is $750 per Slingshot. If a Slingshot is damaged by a customer (including flat tires), it is the customers responsibility to have a professional service company replace flat tires or return the Slingshot to the GOA store in Woodland Park for repair. These expenses are to be paid by the customer in addition to their security deposit amount. Your rental does not include road-side assistance. Also, Slingshots are not equipped with spare tires. Customers are responsible to return any additional equipment (helmets, radios, rain cover, etc.) provided by GOA in good condition. Our Slingshots are very reliable if operated safely.

  • Polaris Damage Waiver: Cost $35 per vehicle with a $750 deductible

Jeeps: Personal auto insurance is required to rent & drive Jeeps. Each person who will drive must qualify. You should have at least a US-based auto liability policy and comprehensive coverage with adequate limits to cover the value of the Jeep. Contact your agent to make sure your policy covers rental cars for BOTH liability and rental car damage. BRING PROOF OF INSURANCE WITH YOU. Your booking includes a renters collision policy that covers the first $20K of damage to the Jeep.

We offer optional tire and windshield protection for $59. This covers the cost of tire and windshield replacement if damaged during your rental period and if not associated with an accident. We highly recommend getting this extra protection due to the high occurrence of windshield damage.

  • Jeeps have a $1500 security deposit due the day before rental.

Please call GOA with any questions.


Cleaning fee: $100 per vehicle when returned with excessive mud splashed inside, on helmets/goggles or on the roof of the vehicle.

Late Fee: Customers must return vehicles on time, failure to return within your rental period will result in a $50 every 30 minutes late fee up to another full day rental. Remember, you will likely be impacting another customer’s experience by returning late! 


Cleaning: $100 when returned overly muddy inside the vehicle or if trash/food/drink is left or spilled.

Fuel: Return full of premium fuel or pay a $50-$100 fee.

Late Fee: Customers must return vehicles on time, failure to return within your rental period will result in a $50 every 30 minutes late fee up to another full day rental. Remember, you will likely be impacting another customer’s experience by returning late! 


Fuel: Jeeps take regular 87-octane, we require returning the Jeep with the same fuel level as taken. Failure to return the vehicle at the same level as taken will result in a $95 flat fee. 

Cleaning: We want our customers to enjoy their rental, but we do ask for all vehicles to return on decent conditions. Excessive cleaning (mud, dust, water, food, drink spills, pet hair) anything that requires additional time cleaning or a third party to get the jeep ready for the next customers will reflect on a $400 fee to the booking. Pets are not allowed.

Smoking: We ask all customers to not smoke in any of our vehicles, doing so will reflect a $400 fee. 

Late Fee: Customers must return vehicles on time, failure to return within your rental period will result in a $50 every 30 minutes late fee up to another full day rental. Remember, you will likely be impacting another customer’s experience by returning late! 

Air Down: Although airing down your tires will give you better grip on dirt roads, we ask that you air up right after and before returning the jeep as this will cause tire damage, Failure to air up will be reflected on a $25 fee.

The Pike National Forest is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Colorado with dominating views of Pikes Peak. You can drive our Slingshots to the top of the 14,000 ft Pikes Peak on a beautiful paved toll and recreation highway managed by the City of Colorado Springs. There are over 300 miles of interconnected trails on the surrounding national forest. The region has hundreds of miles of scenic highways leading to beautiful vistas, recreation sites, and mountain communities with wonderful services.

The closest airport to Woodland Park is just 30 minutes away at the Colorado Springs International Airport. The Denver International Airport is only 90 minutes away.

There are many differences between the  Polaris General and the RzR. However, the biggest difference for rentals is the storage size, seating, and style. The 2024 RZRs are the sporty models with a flashy style. They have a 4 point harness and reclined seated. They require slightly more effort to get in and out of. There is also limited space in the RZR for storing extra supplies. 

The 2024 General have extra storage space and are easier to get in and out of. This is a great choice for longer excursions and those who want more ease getting in and out of the UTV. Both UTVs will perform the same during the rental. 


The off-roading vehicles we rent are the Polaris General (2- and 4-seat), Polaris Rzr (2- and 4-seat), and Polaris Ranger (6 seat). These are side-by-side vehicles with a roof, roll cage, and a half-windshield. Our UTV rentals remain on the trail systems adjacent to our trailheads. Customers will not trailer the vehicles to any other locations.

Guided tours are wonderful for large group and for extra safety. We have three options for you. One,  a guide will be in their own UTV and you follow them. Two, the guide drives the UTV for your group. Three, the Sunset and Wildlife tour where you can drive your own UTV or have the guide drive you. Call to book.

Self-guided tours allow you to explore the designated routes on your own using GPS navigation. This is our  most popular option. Call or book online. 

Tour the epic Westcreek location and enjoy stunning views, sunset tours, splashing through water crossings, and a thrilling ride. These trails are suitable for beginners and enjoyable for advanced drivers. The terrain varies at this location. It will be a fun and bouncy ride! This is the only location we offer guided tours.

Lake George is a great location for beginners hoping for a laid back experience on smoother terrain. Start your Lake George UTV ride at the historic dude ranch M Lazy C Ranch. They offer varies lodging options from rustic cabins to RV camping. Consider a jam packed western experience by booking a UTV adventure and horseback tour from this location. This location is open seasonally. 


If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us.

We will get back to you as soon as we can

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Two people on a UTV

Turkey Trot Trail Ride

Time: 11 – 3 pm • Reservations Required • Self-Guided or Guided • Polaris UTVs & Jeeps

Join Great Outdoors Adventures (GOA) for a family fun Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Trail Ride this November. Take pictures with the GOA turkeys for an extra sweet time. We look forward to giving thanks with you!