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Westcreek, Colorado


Two hour ride

Explore 20 miles of fun trails, wildlife viewing, Pikes Peak overlook, canyon with rock formations, and creek crossings

Four hour ride

Explore 40 miles of fun trails, wildlife viewing, Truman’s Rock & Pikes Peak overlooks, canyon with rock formations, and creek crossings

Six hour ride

Explore 60 miles of fun trails, wildlife viewing, Truman’s Rock & Pikes Peak overlooks, 2 canyons with rock formations, and several creek crossings.

Two Hour Sunset and Wildlife Guided Tour

Explore 20 miles of fun trails, wildlife viewing, sunset at Pikes Peak overlook, canyon with rock formations, and creek crossings. The guide will take pictures and create a custom video of your adventure.
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Requirements: For self-guided tours a $3000 security deposit (credit hold) is required for each vehicle during the rental period. The security deposit for guided tours is $1500. To rent a UTV with Great Outdoors Adventures you must be 21 years of age or older. Driver’s age requirement is specific to the type of vehicle. Passengers must be at least 4 years old.


SELF-GUIDED RENTALS – Book Online or Over the Phone

​​GUIDED TOURS – Book Over the Phone

Reservations required in advance.


Give the gift of adventure and a memory they’ll never forget!

5-star Experience


SELF-GUIDED RENTALS: Book Online or Over the Phone

Guided Tours: Book Over the Phone

Reservations Required in Advance

UTVs on an off-road
Two people wearing helmet walking out of a UTV

Great Outdoors Adventures provided an awesome experience for our family. We rode on a guided sunset wildlife tour. Our guide personalized our ride for our family. I would highly recommend this company.

Amber S.



Explore amazing National Forest trails leading to scenic overlooks, creek crossings and wildlife viewing. Use our custom GPS map on the vehicle-mounted tablet computer to easily find the best trails, overlooks and your way home! You can add a guide for the ultimate experience including safety, navigation, lower risk, best overlooks, free virtual video of your ride, vehicle operating tips, and fascinating information about the National Forest.


Guided tours are a memorable & safe way to experience the Rocky Mountains for new explorers, to off-roading enthusiasts, and everyone in between. When you arrive at the trailhead, we’ll get you set up with clean & sanitized equipment. Your tour guide will make sure you feel totally comfortable and safe in the UTV before beginning your adventure. You’ll communicate with walkie talkies and follow the guide on your mountain excursion. Watch a vibrant Colorado sunset from science overlooks and capture golden hour pictures. Throughout your trip your guide will be creating a custom video to share with you. Make sure to be on the lookout for wildlife! The guide will bring you to some of the most commonly visited areas by wildlife such as deer, elk, and moose. The adventure will end past twilight and you’ll get to enjoy seeing the stars like never before. We’ll be happy to host your mountain adventure and share local tips for the most memorable Colorado vacation.

Enjoy videos created by your guide!

Great Outdoors Adventures offers guided tours in the day as well as the sunset and wildlife tour. Please call to book guided tours.



Get the Adventure Bag and be better prepared ($25 per bag). Designed for one person. Our team curated this bag including handy items for a more comfortable experience.

Add to your online booking during your rental check-out.

Includes: Disposable water bottle, hand sanitizer, facial tissues, expandable wipe, lip balm, GOA rack card, & a reusable GOA bag (bag different colors).


5-star Experience

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